Davis Reid

Davis Reid was an incredible middle school basketball player, a really good high school point guard and an average D3 shooting guard. Along the way, he was fortunate to play with many who would go on to achieve athletic success he would never taste, such as Willie Cauley-Stein, Shavon Shields, Shaquille Harrison, and the best shooter on the planet, Duncan Robinson. His sister was an All-American volleyball player at Loyola Marymount, his brother hit more career game winners, and his cousin is a quarterback with the Miami Dolphins. Basically he’s surrounded by athletic success stories.

Fortunately, Davis’s brain works better than his jumper (even though the jumper is still pretty good). He received a neuroscience degree from Wesleyan University, has worked for several global neuro-based research companies and includes amongst his hobbies dissecting human behavior and wondering how the universe aligns with people’s diverse views and beliefs. Through all of his study and work, he has found that often times the best way to understand human behavior is to simply sit down and converse with somebody, so he views The Long Shot as a way to learn from people he admires and ask offbeat questions that some may not understand.